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The Carpet Runners Runner: Zac Shaw To Compete in 2018 Commonwealth Games

It’s a proud week for the Carpet Runners UK family this week, as our very own Zac Shaw prepares to compete for Team GB at this year’s Commonwealth Games. Zac is a para-athlete sprinter specialising in the 100 and 200 metre sprints, with his first event rapidly approaching on Thursday 12th April – yikes! Zac lives with a rare eye condition  called Stargardt’s Disease, which restricts his central vision to less than 10%, though leaving his peripheral vision largely unaffected. After being diagnosed with this condition at just 13 years old,... Read More


Carpet Runners UK: Going to Any Lengths

This is Carpet Runners UK. We do things differently here. We’re the family-run carpet company that goes to any lengths – quite literally – to help our customers get what they need. Top quality carpets and fantastic customer service runs in the family, with three generations of passionate Shaws keeping the carpets rolling since 1945. Now it’s our turn. Our team of four brothers is taking the Carpet Runners UK concept to great lengths, making the experience of measuring, selecting, buying and installing a new carpet runner or stair runner as... Read More

grey carpet 05/04/2018
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The Greatest Grey Areas: How To Decorate With Your Grey Carpet

Forget beige and cream; grey is the new neutral. The great news is that grey carpet and grey rugs go with just about anything, so it’s one of the most versatile and easy carpet colours to work with. So if you’ve moved into a new home and inherited grey carpets, or if you’re thinking of laying new grey carpet, you can create some truly fantastic colour schemes in both modern and traditional styles. So which colours work with grey colour schemes? We’ve got lots of ideas and tips to help... Read More


Around the World in 4 Traditional Rug Designs

A rug is not just a rug. A rug is a way to invite culture and colour into your home, much in the same way that introducing a classic piece of art or sculpture can. And, like art and sculpture, traditional rug designs have origins that reach back hundreds and thousands of years in history, not to mention thousands of miles across the world. We are truly spoiled with the sheer choice of rug patterns and designs available to us, and each design has a story and centuries of tradition... Read More

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On the Right Lines: How to Decorate With Stripes

It’s time to earn your stripes. This bold, modern decor trend can work wonders for your home if applied in the right way, and we’re here to help you stay on the right lines. Stripes can be elegant or wild, traditional or modern, bright or muted. They can be used anywhere and in any way, whether you choose striped carpets, rugs, walls, bedding, ornaments or wall art. And, so long as you abide by a few important rules, you’ll finish up with something truly special and far more interesting than... Read More


We’re proud to say that we’ve been announced as a finalist for three national business awards, adding to its recent business accolade success. Carpet Runners UK has been shortlisted for the ‘Amazon Digital Business of the Year’ Award at the 2016 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards due to be announced in November and also the ‘Best Home & Garden, DIY & Tools’ and ‘Small Business of the Year’ in the eCommerce Awards which will be announced in September. At Carpet Runners UK we specialise in supplying hallway, stair and event... Read More

Underlay 21/12/2015

The Importance of Underlay

When choosing the perfect carpet runner for your home, it’s also important to consider the underlay. While it’s easy to get caught up in the quality and look of the carpet alone, underlay brings many benefits to your carpet which will enhance your carpet runner experience. Underlay can… Improve the underfoot feel of the carpet Walking on a carpet that doesn’t have underlay can be taxing on your feet and even your posture, whereas carpets with underlay benefit from the plumpness of the underlay and the soft fibres of the... Read More

Cat and Dog 18/12/2015

Carpet Runners: A Pet Owner’s (Second) Best Friend

While caring for a pet can be one of the most fulfilling experiences life can offer, they can take a toll on your home. While choosing a hardwood floor can be a good cleaning solution for you, it can be cold, uncomfortable and slippery to walk on for your pet. Taking both sides into consideration, there is a solution that will keep both you and your pet happy. For a clean and comfortable home for both of you, you’ll need a carpet runner. Not just any carpet runner, but one... Read More

Drill 14/12/2015

Measuring and Fitting Stair Rods

Stair rods can be the perfect decorative addition to your home if properly measured and fitted, but before we begin, there are a few important points to consider regarding stair rods… Firstly, stair rods should be used for decorative purposes only and not used to secure carpets or carpet runners. Make sure you measure each rod and step, as often steps may vary in width so you want to know that you’re getting the right fit for each individual step. Consider the length and the design of the rod finial... Read More

Period Hallway 11/12/2015

Using Stair Rods for a Period Look

The design of period homes were such that the staircase and entrance hall were the first to be seen when guests entered the house. As such, staircases and the foot of the stairs were highly decorated and used to create a strong impression upon visitors to the house. The staircase reflected the affluence and status of the occupants and were often commented upon as being grand entrance ways to an even grander home. If your home is designed with a period aesthetic in mind, you could really benefit from upstyling... Read More